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DMIT is an abbreviation of  Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test , which is a special test developed by a group of scientist after a long research on humans behavior and his interest area.  This test helps humans to extract the hidden potential and interest of the individual.  As experts say this test is helpful to reveal the unknown aspects of your brain.  DMIT is extensively used for mapping development of the mind and other abilities, including logical, linguistic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, spatial, and much more. Genetics here plays a big role, which is why the DMIT is unlike any of the IQ tests that we know of.  DMIT helps to understand anatomically brain structure; the human hands dominate all other organs in terms of relative importance. This is why the brain dedicates the majority of approximately two hundred million nerve endings to the hands. In other words, the hands are sources of physiological and psychological information of any individual. As per the scientific researches it is a proven fact that there are no two identical fingerprints. These fingerprint patterns remain the same during the lifetime and even after until the complete decomposition of body takes place. DMIT helps us in any age group, because this is the only tool that let you know the hidden secret of your brain.

Identify you Kids 
DMIT for kids -: This test will extract the learning style and the hidden behavior and personal learning style of your kids. You know there are three learning style exist, Visual, Auditory and Anesthetic. If you are using wrong method to teach your kids, then it will take more time, and students might forget that lesson you teach them using wrong method. So it is mandatory to use correct learning method for long time result.  You will be glad to know the personal learning style of your kids.  Till now you may be aware about the IQ level, but DMIT introduce the 3 different level of our brain. It will really help you to control your kids by emotion.

DMIT will indicate you the real level of EQ, IQ, AQ and CQ.
EQ (Emotional Quotient)                     IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
AQ (Adversity Quotient)                     CQ (Creative Quotient)
All the level should be on balance level for a better human life. You already know about IQ level, now please understand carefully about that 3 different level of our mind which really plays an important role in our life. EQ helps us to connect with our friends and family. IQ helps to take the decision according to situation. AQ level plays the most important role in our life. As it reflects that how will we react in negative or worst situation? As per research low AQ level is responsible for suicide. If somebody has low AQ level then it is advised to parents that never ever behave you kids negatively.  You should always encourage your kids for a better result. DMIT counseling helps to boost the AQ level of an individual. Our expert counselors will help to came out from the impact of low AQ level. This is really an important part of our life so this should be not ignored. CQ level indicates that how much creative you are. Your success depends on your CQ level.

Gift your child "HAPPINESS
DMIT for Students: - You will be shocked to know that parents are playing with the future of his own Childs on the name of his dream.  There are many adopted interest are also occurred in the mind of students, as they don’t know about his/her own strength. So you must know the real inner talent and interest area of your Child's to avoid wrong academic courses. DMIT test will reveal the real interest and strong area of your Child's and you can save your Child's future along with time and money by avoiding wrong path. There are so many students exist around us who felt later that he is on wrong path and his interest is different, but going back is not possible for a middle class students, and they continue his/her wrong course to get a job. This is really an embarrassing moment that we know that we are on wrong path but still we continue just because we have invested a lot of money for these courses?   Dear Friend please notes that money can never be more important than your dream and life. If you opted the wrong course, still you can also change your path by knowing your inner talent. This is not important that you join the relevant industry for which you have studied. There are so many celebrities exist around us who achieved the top positing only by knowing their talent. Your degree can never be the subject of success; your success depends on your happiness, on your talent. Please think and decide that money is more important in your life or the happiness? As expert says that happiness is the key of your success, you can’t imagine the success without happiness, and the happiness comes from the work for whom you really born. Please don’t waste your time in dark, just get your DMIT report and make sure that you are on right path or wrong.

Right people for the right Job
DMIT for Employee/Employer: - If you think that having relevant degree is enough to do the job, then you are wrong, because degree can never be the parameter of perfection. There are so many peoples who are really doing well in the opposite area. Please note that your performance depends on your talent not on your first class degree. If you are on wrong path then you are playing with your own future. If you are working in the opposite area of your interest then your performance will be always on bottom, and it is wasting of your time.  If you are an employer and going to hire someone then you must know the brain secret of your employee.  You can save your time and money by hiring right person for the right job by the help of  DMIT. Remember that a wrong person can harm your business and effect badly on your mind also.

Find your Happiness 
DMIT for Couple:- Knowing someone hidden behavior  is not so tough now.  Relationship issues are the biggest problem of our society. All the problems are occurring just because of misunderstanding.   If you love someone and going to marry him/her then it is mandatory to know the brain configuration of your partner. If your partner breaks your sentiments, then it doesn’t mean that he/she is not taking care your relationship, and the other hand if your partner agrees on all of your points, then  it doesn’t mean that he/she is made only for you.  There are several examples exist around us in which we can see that the deep caring couple got diverted on a little issue.  So dear friends if you are going to marry please take a copy of DMIT report of your partner to understand him in a better way to avoid unnecessary issues. If you are already married and having issues on your relationship, then you both need a DMIT report to understand each other in a better way.  Our expert counselor will help you to know the hidden secret and behavior of your partner.


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