About Us

Discover Multiple Talent was started by Mr.  Anand Mohan Bhardwaj.  
He is a certified DMIT Counselor and having expertise in Management Consultation.
Mr. Anand was passionate for guiding students since his college time. He was the local guide for his friend circle. After graduation in Commerce he started his journey with a Chartered Accountant’s firm as a professional accountant. Meanwhile he enrolled for MBA from a reputed University. After completion of his MBA in marketing, he started his career with Bhagyashila Mind Academy & Consultants Pvt Ltd. As Business Development Manager. Where he observed the hidden aspects of bad management and good management, who is really responsible for business growth. Through much studies and research in education quality and the challenges of our education system, he came up with different techniques and programs to enhance learning capabilities and character development of students. Discover Multiple Talent  is a dynamic team of professionals from various fields who really wants to help the students and parents with his real time experience of industry.  DMT group is committed to a grassroots approach to eliminate Illiteracy and provide educational, medical, and moral support for Parents and children.

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